PRI 2016: Part 3


AEM always has cool looking gauges to work hand in hand with their EMS systems. These are some of their latest from their X Series line.

If you’re looking to do a custom header, then Burns Stainless is worth checking out. I’ve used their collectors in a couple of different projects and they are top notch. Check out this 6-into-1 collector for for either inline-six turbo or V12 twin turbo applications.

Or heck, how about an 8-into-1 for…for…shoot I wonder how cool an 8-into-1 V8 setup would sound.

When it comes to pistons, the Arias name is synonymous with fast. In fact, Arias claims to have the fastest 2JZ, B Series, K Series, 4G63 and 4G64 engines using their pistons. Arias brought a plethora of pistons for us to look at, including custom ones. Check out these heavy duty pistons for the 2JZ motor in the Supra. On the left is a 9.0:1 compression piston while the one on the right is for a 3.2-liter 2JZ.

Or how about a Supra with high compression? The Arias piston on the left is for an 11.0:1 compression ratio (and it can withstand up to a reported 90 PSI!), while the one on the right has a slightly lower dome, good for 10.0:1 compression.

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