PRI 2016: Part 3


Did you guess right? Have you seen these suckers go?

Well if you haven't seen a drag boat, check out them rooster tails!

This 1966 Chevy Nova SS was in the ProCharger booth, and it’s driven by Jarod Wenrick in NMCA Street Outlaw. It ran a 4.41 @ 164 mph in legal trim, and won the first three races of the season before finishing runner-up by year’s end.

The engine is a 430 cubic inch small block with ProCharger’s F-1X-12 blower.

Lifeline’s Zero 3620 Fire Marshall system features 8865 FIA compliance, which is among the toughest in-fire suppression requirements. With this homologation, a car is heated to 500 C (932 F) without reigniting if the stuff is working properly. It used to take two bottles to have this capability, but now Lifeline has it all in one for less money and less weight.

When it comes to wheels, I love looking at the Forgeline stuff. I used to run a set of track wheels from Forgeline on a turbo E36 M3 back in the day. Their newer styles are to drool for, especially their new ones with carbon fiber barrels you'll see on the next page!

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