PRI 2016: Part 3


Radium's fittings convert these factory outlets to -6 so that you can make the popular Walbro 485 E85-compatable fuel pump work with your factory setup.

The RA TGV (Tumble Generator Valve) delete bring back high rpm performance that is otherwise hindered with the emissions-required TGVs found in the Subaru intake manifold.

AEM’s new CD-7 digital racing display dash is new in the racing industry, and it's sure to become a huge hit- thanks to its super bright, anti-glare screen that is seen in direct sunlight.

The CD-7 features seven programmable pages including four main pages, alarm, on-change and start-up pages. It’s also offered with optional 200MB data logging, as well as vehicle dynamice module (VDM).

The AEM Infinity EMS is still going strong for AEM, and we’re still using these universal engine management systems with plug-and-play connectors in both our Project E46 M3 and Project MKIV Supra Turbo. This is the firm’s Infinity Series 3 Pro, which is a more affordable engine control for Ford, GM, and Mopar EFI/TBI V8 engines.

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