Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8


A boost referenced and return style Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator helps keep a constant pressure of the E85 fuel in the rail.

For spark, the Evo is running NGK’s Iridium IX spark plugs. For ignition, the car is currently running a Spark tech non-CDI ignition system and will be upgrading to Spark Tech’s PRO-14B CDI system shortly. The PRO-14 version is designed for direct fire, one coil per cylinder, applications. This ignition system supports up to 21,000 RPMs.


A Tial Sport Q50mm blow-off valve is used. Along with the TiAL wastegate, no matter what car it is on, TiAL never disappoints based on sound alone. The TiAL Q 50mm BOV can support up to 1800hp!

Would you believe that the drivetrain is stock? Well it is, with the exception of the Exedy triple-plate clutch. Both the driveshaft and transmission gears remain in their factory form.


The first item to the left is a triple port (-10 AN) baffled catch can made by Speed Force Racing, fitted with Redhorse performance braided hose lines on the right. At 40 pounds of boost, proper crankcase venting is very important.
Feeding exhaust gasses to the turbo is a custom v-band tubular manifold, accomodated by a 3-inch downpipe post turbo by Tim Richards at Speed Force Racing.
A tig welded, aluminum Koyo Cooling Systems multipass radiator keeps the big power and high boost 4G63 engine from melting down.
Cooling the high intake charge temperatures that this engine can generate at 40 psi are a 5-inch thick core, ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) bar, and plate intercooler with 3-inch charge piping. 

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