Albert P’s “Stock” 900 Horsepower Evo 8


The Evo has a sleek wheel game going on. Albert's car is running Volk TE37-SL 18×10.5 with a +22 offset all around.  

The brakes are the OEM Brembo calipers with cross-drilled and slotted rotors equipped with Project MU spec-B pads. Brake lines are provided by AMS.


Giving it that extra aggressive look and grip for the power it’s putting down, the front and rear tires are 265/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.  The tires are 40 millimeters wider than the stock Evo VIII fitment.
True to the original factory form, this Evo maintains its natural beauty with a perfectly kept, OEM steering wheel and dash. 

There aren't any flashy gauges or A-pillar pods in sight- just a normal looking cockpit. An extended shift knob is its only deviation, which allows an ease in quick gear shifting to the owner's liking.


Albert swapped the stock Evo VIII seats for more comfortable, sportier and taller Evo X (2008-2015) seats. The seats weren’t a direct fit, but Albert didn’t let that stop him. They needed to have a few custom brackets made to facilitate their mounting.
A nice carbon fiber VIS Racing Bonnet was used. It is made in the stock Evo hood form with its large, two-part ventilation openings.
Unique JDM Evo VII tail lights lend the car a clean, subtle look as opposed to the unpopular stock USDM Evo VIII tail lights, in which many believe to look too similar to the clear Lexus IS300 ones.

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