Breaking Records with the Solo Motorsports 624HP Time Attack BMW 135i


Even a race car can use some creature comforts, right?

Seriously, though, the factory hood shocks probably add only a few pounds, but they make life a lot easier at the track. You can see that the factory ABS solenoid remains.

That’s quite a bit of work in the “go” department. What about stop and turn?


Nitron Racing Suspension coilovers are used at all four corners. The camber plates are quite nice.

Tony F. has a history of working with Nitron, so they were his first choice when Solo Motorsports was building out the 135i.


The front of the E8X BMW uses a MacPherson-type strut design, which is why a camber plate works on this car.

The Nitron R1 shock has a combined 2-way adjustment with 24 selections of compression and rebound. They feature a 40mm piston, but in the case of the 135i, there is not much in the way of compression stroke. This has caused the Solo team some headache, and they may be making a change in the future.

That being said, the Nitron unit is performing admirably, and uses a 800lbs/in spring up front.


The rear uses both an inverted shock as well as a coil-over design.

The E8X, from the factory, features a shock with a remote spring, much like many other BMW models. Nitron replaces this split setup with a single coil-over unit. And Solo outfitted it with a 1000lbs/in spring.

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