Breaking Records with the Solo Motorsports 624HP Time Attack BMW 135i


With most race cars, you take a ton of weight out, but you invariably end up putting a bunch of weight back in. Why? For safety. The 135i has a great jungle gym, courtesy of Top Garage in Buford, Georgia.


A full 10 points keep Mr. Fuentes safe when he is out banging the curbs.


The cage is additionally tied into the chassis in several locations with these nice dimpled panels.


The cage features door bars that extend to fill all of the door cavity, just about out to the skin.


Top Garage really didn’t skimp much when it came to constructing them. There’s practically a full roll bar’s worth of tubing just in these door bars.


Every race car needs a fire system, period. A FireSense manually-actuated system with dual pull handles from Spa Technique got the job.

You have a lot of money in that thing. Do you want to watch it burn? I’ve personally had a car fire before. It’s nerve wracking. Another thing to consider is that you absolutely must ditch your factory cable-actuated hood release. In an engine bay fire, it might melt. And then, you can’t get the hood open without a crowbar. That’s really not fun to watch. By the time someone finally gets in there, if you’re lucky, there’s something left to save.

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