Breaking Records with the Solo Motorsports 624HP Time Attack BMW 135i


Solo Motorsports 135i / Tony Fuentes / Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2017

Most recently, the Solo Motorsports 135i was driven to a record-setting Track Modified RWD time of 1:34.7 at Gingerman Raceway’s 2017 GRID Life event. Seems like Fuentes and team know what they’re doing.

So what’s in this Euro-fighter? Let’s find out.


On the outside, at first glance, it’s not that radical.

The car has somewhat limited exterior body work, and the rest of the aero is fairly tasteful.


The 135i wears N5 Tuner wide front fenders that provide an extra 15mm.

This wasn’t quite enough, so the crew at Solo added an additional eBay-spec universal bubble over fender to add yet another 20 or so millimeters of shoe clearance. The front bumper, an Extreme Dimension Duraflex M-Tech Look, has been extended out to the sides with hand-built panels and winglets to make sure that the massive wheel and tire combination has air directed up, over, and past. Thank shop hand and fabricator, Geno, for the work.


A look from the inside of the front bumper shows the APR Performance splitter attached underneath. You can also get a sense of just how wide the front of the car now is from this angle.


These backing plates are what the splitter’s stays are attached to.

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