Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 1


The sheet aluminum box for the fuel cell and the aluminum sub floor were fitted in front of the fire wall and held down with better than pop rivet, serviceable riv-nuts and removable button head allen bolts.
The crash resistant fuel cell bladder and foam that fits inside the sheet metal box.
The fuel cell bladder twin fill necks and fuel pick up and return fittings poke out of their sheet metal enclosure.  The centrally located fuel cell is well protected from crash damage. 
Countersunk flush head riv nuts were used so the panels could be installed with no gaps to the chassis.
The rear firewall is in place with the surge tank for the cooling system being fitted.  You can see the logic of inside out assembly now as many things would be very hard if not impossible to install out of sequence. Cleco clamp are used to hold the panels in place while the riv nut pilot holes are drilled
The window nets in place. 

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