Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 1


The Mazda MZR engine is uncrated and the alternator and drysump pump fitted. 
The ACT low inertia dual disc clutch and lightweight flywheel are installed. 
The drysump pan, pump and bellhousing are fitted. The drysump pan is billet and helps stiffen the block as the engine is a semi stressed member in the NP01 chassis. The bellhousing also serves as the oil tank for the dry sump system.  It is also a forward mounting point for the real lower control arm. 
The Sadev S75 six speed transaxle is ready to be bolted to the engine. The transaxle is a stressed member and also serves as the mounting point for the lower control arms.  You can see the multiple mounting holes so the roll centers, camber curves and anti squat can be adjusted. 
The powertrain is now all pre assembled and ready to install in the chassis. This is sort of the turning point of the build, like laying in the keel on a ship!
A special touch is coving the firewall with heat reflecting kapton tape.  This was not in the non existent instructions!  The fuel pump, lines and filter were installed at this point as well as the fuel filler pipes and dry break valves. The dry sump breather tank/vapor separator was put in place at this time too. 

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