Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 1


The master power panel and switches are installed and the layout for some of the wiring is planned at this stage. 
The harnesses, seat base and the fire bottle under it are installed. The black bag is the ice tank and pump for the optional driver's cool suit. 
The cool suit will be installed into the recess of the right side impact structure. 

Stay tuned in coming segments we will continue our look into how to assemble an NP01 the right way. Even if you don't plan on building an NP01 you can still learn how to do things like plumbing and wiring correctly. 80% of DNF's are caused by botching these things.  Formula SAE people take note!

Check out our driving impressions of the NP01 press car.

To read about how the build of our car started check this out!

Part two of putting it all together look at this!

Part Three is here!

Until next time!






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