Building the FR-S FA20 engine with Stay Crushing!


Supertech valve guide seals were used.  They are a spring tension type for low oil consumption. The intake seals are designed for low friction and low oil consumption with Supertech nitrided valves.
The Supertech exhaust valve seals have the same features as the intake seals but are made of a temperature resistant rubber. 
ARP high strength studs are going to be used to hold the cylinder heads to the engine cases for improved head gasket seal. 
ARP bolts are also going to be used to hold the case halves together for more strength.
We used a Moroso weld in oil sump pan baffle to reduce the chances of oil starvation when cornering.   The baffle is simply welded in the pan and helps prevent oil from sloshing past the oil pump intake pickup under hard cornering, acceleration, and braking.

Stay tuned, in our next installment, we will show some of the assembly steps we did to assure that the engine runs well and gets set up for supercharged track use.

See the progress from a show car to a go car!


JE Pistons

Brian Crower



King Bearings


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