Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine Part 3, Assembling the Engine


After tapping the pistons in place, Howard installs the rod cap bolts on our K1 rods. The bolt threads are lubricated with assembly lube, which is important for getting the right torque.

The rod bolts are torqued to spec in three steps, like the main caps bolts were.

The process is repeated for the other cylinders.

The JE Pro Seal MLS head gasket is lowered in place. The Pro Seal has a stopper around each bore, which greatly improves sealing.

Our Drag Cartel K20Z3 head is dropped down next.

Now, Howard snugs down the head bolts in a cross pattern.

Just like the main caps, we opted to use the stock torque-to-yield bolts for this NA engine, as we felt they would provide adequate sealing. We would also not have to worry about distortion of the upper part of the bore that sometimes happens with studs and higher torques.


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