Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine Part 3, Assembling the Engine


The ACT pressure plate is CNC machined from stiff and lightweight billet aluminum and has a clamp load about 70% greater than stock. However, it only has about a 10% increase in pedal effort.

The ACT flywheel is CNC machined from a forged chromoly blank. Every effort has been made to get rid of every ounce possible. A forging process offers proper grain orientation of the metal and superior strength.

The clutch discs use a sintered iron friction material. Sintered iron has a lot of holding power and doesn’t flinch with heat. However, it is surprisingly smooth and driveable, considering that it is a race only material.

The discs use a copper face for good heat conduction. A solid hub allows for positive action, ease of stress on synchros, and they also help a dog box shift better. The flywheel and whole clutch assembly are dynamically balanced as a final manufacturing step.

Howard bolted the flywheel to the crank, torquing it down using new OEM bolts.

The included alignment tool is put in place, and the clutch disc and pressure plate are bolted down.

Howard sets the torque on the pressure plate bolts.

Our low inertia, fast revving, and super light ACT Twin Disc is now ready to rock!

Our engine is now together.  Stay tuned- it is now going to Eimer Engineering to get adapted into the Ariel Atom Chassis (modifications have to be done for intake manifold and dry sump pump clearance). Eimer Engineering will also be fabricating some custom 4-1 merged collector triple-step headers with the help of Burns Stainless.

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