Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine Part 3, Assembling the Engine


Howard torques down the OEM torque-to-yield head bolts in three steps using a cross pattern. The final tightening is done by angle to apply an even stretch to all of the bolts.

The cam towers, Vtec pistons, lost motion plungers, and shaft roller rockers are put into place.

Unlike the K24 Z7 head, which only has variable cam timing on the intake side, the K20Z3 head has Vtec on the intake and exhaust sides. It also has adjustable cam phasing on the intake, which gives much superior performance over the new head.

The Drag Cartel Stage 4 billet cams are now lowered into place.

The cam caps are torqued to spec and the valve lash is set.

Now the timing gears, chain, and tensions are installed.  The cam timing is set.

With the engine assembled, the front cover, oil pan, dry-sump pump, intake manifold, and alternator were installed.



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