Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic

Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic 

by Frank Ewald


Global Time Attack. GridLife. CSCS. East Coast. West Coast. Canada. Winning! New Record!

That is the article, folks, and you can stop reading there if you want as that essentially summarizes what happens when Chris is out racing. Of course, there is much that goes on before, during, and after each of these winning outings. So much so, that even though we just wrote about the Boersma Racing Civic shortly after the SuperLap Battle of 2016, it is time for a mid-season update that includes some of the off-season preparations. So do not leave, as I was just joking about that being all there is to read. There is a ton of stuff that Chris has done to the newly sponsored K-Tuned Civic that you will want to know.


Chris is very involved in what happens with his car. His dad is working with him and supporting him at the track. Emily, his wife, is often at the track and taking photos. In fact, I'm pretty sure that this is one of her pics.

The first thing to realize is that Chris left SuperLap Battle last November on the high of breaking the class record and heading home with a first place win in Limited FWD … but he knew the car and driver could do better. The addition of aero throughout the 2016 season had added some great downforce that was necessary for the times that he was racing towards. However, the suspension was 'porpoising' more and more as the aero was improved. After trying out different settings, valving, and spring rates in the off season it was time to make a change. What made this even more mandatory was that as Chris was working with Professional Awesome on the aero, there was even more rear downforce being planned for 2017.


The new front fascia for 2017 is very smooth and clean. With a massive opening to feed the intercooler.

The discussion of increased downforce led to very serious talks with K-Tuned, the new title sponsor for the car, and the Canadian based company already has a suspension on James Houghton's Time Attack Integra Type R. James and Chris are teammates and both work very closely with Eric from Lavigne Motorsports. The end result was a change to K-Tuned's K2 Pro Circuits, which are now mounted on the newly wrapped and sponsored K-Tuned Civic. Chris not only knew the specifications of the K2 Pro Circuits, but he had tons of feedback from James about how this suspension had improved the handling of his Type R. 


The K2 Pro Circuit by K-Tuned are getting favorable reaction by top time attack racers. Chris put these on his car for 2017. Chris is proudly wearing the K-Tuned name on the Civic because the products work – right out of the box. Photo used with permission by K-Tuned.

The K2 provides 32-way dampening and rebound adjustment and are built to handle everything that a top flight race team can through at them. K-Tuned offers a wide range of Swift Springs with their suspension systems. Chris selected 22K front springs and 18K rear springs to work with the K2 setup and be well paired with his aero package. Chris points out that his shocks are right off of the K-Tuned shelf and that anyone can purchase the exact same setup that he is running. In discussing coilovers, he indicates that you can fight to make something work OR you can bolt on a K-Tuned system, forget about it, and simply be fast! That is high praise for a product. Another advantage of going this route is that the more similarities the team cars have with each other, the faster and easier it becomes for maintenance and setup. Eric will attest that this makes his work load easier in both the off-season and in the middle of the night during a race weekend!


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