Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic


On Page 6, you may recall that Chris was considering a new manifold. Well, hot off of the fabricator's bench here is a new KLM Fabrications exhaust manifold – mounted in the engine bay of the K-Tuned Civic. This custom divided twin scroll setup is, in Chris' words, “… a work of art, and I'm blown away by the quality of this piece.” Note the inset pic on the upper right that shows the incorporation of the Honeywell Garrett divided v-band collector. We are going to need to see this in person to follow the runs! We got this pic just in time for publication and have no information on dyno runs that will happen at Evans Tuning.
The K-Tuned Honda Civic is an incredibly well-built time attack car. The driver has been honing his skillset for years and taking advantage of learning every track. All of this is paying off with victory after victory.
When Chris is at the track, you don't need to look to far to find his teammate and dad, Michael, near by. This is an awesome team.
In addition to Michael (who loves to talk about this car and driver), you will likely find the team mascot, Sparkie!

What makes a car a championship level racer? The driver, obviously, but beyond that it is the little things. A few ounces here. A couple of tweaks there. New Suspension. New turbo. New brakes. The little things have added up and Chris Boersma and his K-Tuned Civic are ready to take on all comers. RWD. AWD. FWD. Even Tesla powered. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the next event to see how things unfold for Chris. Like me, you are probably waiting for the Global Time Attack SuperLap Battle in California to see what Chris does. Will it be another record? Even more, will he leave the event knowing that he left without leaving even a fraction of a second on the table. Knowing Chris, he is certainly going to do his best to ensure that we are not going to be disappointed with his effort.


Boersma Racing and the K-Tuned Civic are just getting warmed up. After all, the GTA Superlap Battle is not too far away, and Chris has a personal best to attain!

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A huge thank you to the photographers who have contributed this work:

Chris Boersma – all shop photos
Emily Boersma – any track photos that have no watermark/credit are Emily's work
Scott MacKay @Scootermedia
Ian Rae @ MotorWerks Magazine
Tim Coltey @ Turbos by Garrett
Adrian Stanescu @adi_stanescu 



Michael Boersma (Thanks Dad!)


Lavigne Motorsports 

Turbo by Garrett

OS Giken

Neo Motorsports

Professional Awesome Race Design

Paragon Competition



CSF Radiators

ESM Race

Radium Engineering

Stripping Technologies

ABM Auto


G-LOC Brakes


APR Performance

KLM Fabrication


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