Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic


Carbon work is something that Chris gets personal enjoyment from doing. It is, as he puts it, simply fun. 
That's right. There are two guys standing on the front splitter. In the foreground is Eric Lavinge of Lavigne Motorsports.
The weight loss was not as huge as what he had hoped for and yet, along with other uneccessary bits and pieces, a total of 30 pounds was taken out of the car. That is a lot when you realize that this car has been on multiple weight reduction programs already. That meant that, apart from the roof, items being removed from the car were measured in ounces rather than pounds. Right now, the car weighs 2400 in race form with Chris in the driver's seat. He is happy with that and rightly so, as that is a light weight. It also means that future weight reduction will require a significant amount of time and money.
This is just a gratuitous engine shot simply because we like looking at awesome engine bays.

With the little improvements completed, and as we are now well into the 2017 Time Attack season, the results are obvious. The changes have absolutely worked. Chris and the team at Lavigne Motorsports made the right choices and the issues from last season have been eliminated. Well, almost eliminated. A challenge of every race car is the ease of access for service, and Chris notes that this is still a challenge that is part of the body platform and packaging. Heat is every racer's dilemma and that is an ongoing issue that Chris wonders if a new manifold design will help. When the manifold cracked at the last event, the push for something different and better has probably gotten even stronger. The bottom line, the car is not perfect. Yet. But it is really, really close.

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