Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic


The two K-Tuned cars built by Lavigne Motorsports – a new company that grew out of R-Division – are quite different. Chris has long used a B-series turbocharged powerplant, compared to James' K Series supercharged engine. With a new Garrett turbocharger for 2017, Chris is putting out slightly more horsepower than his supercharged teammate.
The upgrade to Garrett's new GTX3076R Gen2 turbocharger gave Chris a great power bump to attain 600 WHP while maintaining the powerband that he utilized so effectively on track. Perhaps the even more amazing performance gain with the Gen2 turbochargers is they have been shown to spool up faster than Gen1 too! Here you can also see the speed sensor port where an optional speed sensor can be installed. 
The mock-up of the hot side intercooler piping. This was kept nice and short with very gentle corners.
Looks like a monster. Sounds like a monster. If you've seen the K-Tuned Civic on track, you absolutely know that it is a time attack monster. Part of the secret sauce in giving the K-Tuned Civic big power and a wide powerband is the Garrett V-band twin-scroll turbine housing. The v-band allows for easy serviceability and the twin-scroll gives the fast spool-up. 

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