Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic


GridLife offers racers and fans an oppotunity unlike any other racing event as music is combined with Motorsport. There is something for everyone. Photo Credit: Tim Coltey – Turbo by Garrett. 
Gingerman Raceway with GridLife was a highlight as Chris bested his RWD and AWD class competitors for the overall win in Track Modified.  Photo Credit: Tim Coltey – Turbo by Garrett. 

There was another two weeks off before heading to Gingerman Raceway in Michigan. The car required only basic maintenance, so there was time for the team to catch their breath and get ready for the event. GridLife is an event rather than a track competition because there is simply so much going on. For Chris, it is one of his favourite events and a track he was looking forward to driving again. With GridLife, the class is known as Track Modified, and Chris was in a battle with Tony Fuentes and his RWD BMW for the track modified record. Both drivers set records for their configuration and Chris took 1.5 seconds off of his 2016 time. His 1:34.324 was the fastest Track Modified time of the event. This being the second time he bested his AWD and RWD class competitors. The weekend ended on this high with a slight complication – there was a transmission issue. Turned out to be a broken gear selector which was a minor fix and Chris has a supply of transmissions to source the parts.


Running in SuperStreet with CSCS on Pirelli Tropheo R's, Chris ran a 1:14.018 lap. A personal best made even sweeter as it was the overal class fastest time!

Back at Toronto Motorsport Park in Canada, Chris' home track, basic maintenance was done and a nut and bolt check – along with the replacement of the gear selector. At TMP, Chris has put down more laps than any other track that he frequents. Obviously there are always a lot of family and friends spectating, as it is close to his home, along with a ton of competitors that he was tracked with for years. The car was simply ideal, and he put down 6 laps. 3 were qualifying laps, and in this session, he put down his fastest lap ever. 3 were timed laps, and he put down the overall Super Street record with a time of 1:14.018. His previous best time was 1:16.8 on the now illegal for SuperStreet class, Hankook TDs.


Fans and drivers used to Toronto Motorsports Park will be questioning this photo if they missed the fourth event on the CSCS calendar. It was run in reverse – with a chicane placed on the front straight.

There was a bit more downtime before the fifth event took place. The K-Tuned Civic returned to TMP with CSCS and racers faced an intriguing twist. For the first time ever, all competitors would be running the course in a counter clockwise direction. There were some concerns (from people like this writer), but CSCS set up a couple of cone chicanes to slow down drivers on the main straight, and from what the drivers reported, it was an amazing event. Chris pulled off his fifth straight victory with a time of 1:19.528 and, since it is the first time run in this direction, a new record too. The overall superstreet win eluded his grasp as Sasha Anis, a superb driver and car builder/tuner, brought out his newly built Lotus Evora with a Tesla powerplant swap. Sasha captured both the Overall plus the RWD win with a time of 1:18.888.


Chicanes were set up on the front straight at TMP while the course was run in reverse. This was absolutely necessary in order to slow the cars down before they arrived at the very tight new corner one – which offers very little run off room.

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