Chris Boersma: Record Breaking, 600 HP Turbo B-Series K-Tuned Civic


Boersma Racing (which is Chris and his dad) does all of the Carbon Fibre work for the team. Here is the roof just prior to being installed on the car.

The final little change that needed to occur was more weight reduction. For any racer, reducing weight is a huge factor, and as the Civic has been under the knife (well, grinder) before, what was left? In November, we mentioned the roof and that absolutely happened. Chris does all of his own carbon fibre work, and he selected roof work as his off-season project. For most, the thought of removing and replacing a car's roof would be unthinkable. Chris tackled this not only on his Civic but also on his teammate, James' Type R. Pretty sure that the Type R was done first so that he had the process perfected when he started working on his own car, the Civic. We have to stop at this moment, go back to the start of the interview where Chris discussed making some small changes to the car, and simply shake our head! It does make one wonder what will happen to the car when Chris tackles some major changes.


A new front end with a massive opening for cool air to hit the Garrett intercooler and the CSF radiator.
It's not often that you get to see the car without decals and the wrap. This 1999 Honda Civic is a very clean car and the build is meticulous. Chris has owned it since 2001.
The wrap being applied at and makes us think. As time attack continues to push the limits, will we start seeing wheel disks and wheel opening covers similar to what's used in land speed record attempts?
The wrap completed and the car is ready for the installation of the new splitter.

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