Controlling the Heat: Koyorad Radiator

 Controlling the Heat: KoyoRad

by Frank Ewald

In the last article we discussed how HeatShield Products were being used to contain the heat. This article is looking at the installation of a Koyorad aluminum radiator. It is this author’s perspective that the Koyorad radiator has long been viewed as one of the best rads available for the Nissan SR20. The installation in the NX GTi-R was quick and painless. Koyorad is a very well known radiator company that build incredible aluminum racing rads. This new rad is a key part of optimizing the cooling system.

The Koyorad comes very well packaged with very visible fragile labels affixed to it. It arrived and was literally pristine.
Pristine may be an understatement. The polished aluminum was absolutely gorgeous to see as you pull it out of the box.
Our next article we should be able to fill in the blanks for the 2018 comparison figures. As I’ve been working on the articles it has caused me to wonder how effective my temperature reader will be with the reflective coating of the HeatShield products.
The Koyorad. It is long been my plan to have and install a Koyo radiator. When it arrived and I opened the box, it was even more impressive than I had imagined. The mirror finish on the Koyorad literally sparkled in the sunlight. I was also suprised by the light weight as I removed it from the very effective packaging. While working on this project in the warming spring, my garage door was open and I had a few neighbours pop in to see what was taking place. Without exception, they all commented on the Koyorad. It is literally eye catching.
My old rad, which thanks to Craigslist has now gone to help out in another SR project, was also an aluminum rad and we have gone through a lot together. It was first used with the NX’s 1.6 litre engine. Then it underwent some modification to suit the SR20DET swap. This included larger inlet and outlet pipes, drilling the end tank for a water sensor bung, and eventually moving the rad cap to the centre of the rad to provide greater room for the intercooler hot side piping then in use. With the revised hot side piping that AES Auto set up for me last year, the way was cleared to install a Koyorad. This rad is built to Nissan fitment specifications but which has vastly superior cooling capabilities to the stock system. And superior cooling versus many, if not all, competitors’ radiators.
Koyo has been in business for years. It began in Japan in 1956 and has been in North America since 2002. Koyorad owns all of their own factories. Nothing is outsourced – unlike many of their competitors who use contractors to build the rads.

Koyorad owns three factories in Japan, one in China, and one in Indonesia. All management comes from Japan and all inspectors are from Japan. Product that comes to North America comes to us from Indonesia. This plant, like their others, is an ISO 9001 factory.

The polished aluminum mirror finish, the weld quality, and the absolute perfect fitment is a testament of their high expectations and quality control. Koyorad is far more than just aluminum racing radiators. They build OE rated aftermarket radiators and Koyorad will be available in your local import dealers’ parts department as an aftermarket rad. Collision shops often choose Koyorad – and insurance companies requiring OEM level equipment will often select Koyorad.
The welds. The straight rows. It is simply perfection.
There was no issue fitting the rad. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be.
This Koyorad is absolutely going to help me on my path to reduced water temperature levels in hill climb and track events. Talking with Scott Oshiro at Koyorad, he points out that a Koyorad is only one part of the cooling system. Every part needs to be looked at and addressed. He also stressed that radiators needed to be cared for to be effective. It is actually pretty simple, just follow the Koyorad manufacturer’s instructions. That includes understanding that coolant is a necessary corrosion inhibitor.


  1. Attempting to shop in your website: not user friendly.
    Could you please send me a quote for the following:
    Radiator Part # VH012493
    Radiator Cap Part # SK-C13
    Universal 15 row oil coolerPar # XC15140W

    If available military discount. thank you.

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