Controlling the Heat: Koyorad Radiator
Even after all that I’ve put this car through, it is still hard to cut into the body panels. Even if it is for a worthy cause like more fresh, cool air. I used a regular but very sharp utility knife to provide a smooth cut to the plastic nose panel.
Behind the panel was a massive piece of styrofoam. I used a hacksaw blade to work through this. It worked fairly easily. I did have to relocate my 350Z horns – they are now tucked in close to each headlight. Close to the action as they should be but not in a spot where they will impede air flow.
This provides significanly more access to both the Koyorad and the intercooler. Both of which are integral to keeping the car cool. I didn’t need to say that, did I!
Next up was replacing the stainless steel mesh with material that fits the larger opening. After calling several local suppliers and hearing that I would need to make a minimum purchase of several tons of mesh, I searched Amazon and found the perfect 2′ by 1′ size. Ideal. This mesh is crucial in the desire to maintain a cool system – because it’s not going to stay cool if it has rock holes all through the fins.┬áNext in pursuit of a complete system was re-installing the rad shielding that I earlier removed (when I cut a hood scoop in the front of my hood at the track to capture more cool air).
There are no openings here. I removed the latch system years ago. Hood pins only on this car.

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