Controlling the Heat: Koyorad Radiator
The next cut is for aesthetics but again, as always, air flow. A few years ago Paulo at AES Auto had sourced Mustang GT500 air extractors for two projects. One a Nissan NX2000 and the other a Honda Civic. Only one was used. The second is shown above as I prepare a template and to cut into my hood.
I have owned this car since it was new in 1992 so every change and every cut hurts. I know it is (usually) an improvement, but it still hurts a little bit. Measure a bunch of times, not just twice. Get a second set of eyes to check it over. Paulo stopped me before I did any cutting because I missed one crucial measurement – I had it offset. In my defense, I was tired and hungry. But that’s no excuse – when instructing new drivers on track I tell them if they have made two or three small errors they need to take a break and refocus before they make a big one. The same mantra needs to be adhered to in the shop – stop working if you’re tired and hungry.
A bit of flat black paint on the oil cooler vents and the hood is looking awesome and ready for some track time.
While working under the car I replaced a very flimsy but irritating metal pull bar with this soft Sparco unit. I say irritating because if you’ve ever bashed your head on a tow hook while your car is up on a hoist, you’ll appreciate what I’m saying.
There were a few late nights in my home shop (which is actually just half of my double garage). But they weren’t nearly as late as a couple of the nights that we put in at AES Auto. Huge thanks to Paulo at AES Auto for his vision that extends my own and his technical knowledge that I simply do not have. This NX GTi-R is just getting better and better. More on that in the next article.
The installation of the Koyorad will absolutely be responsible for a huge drop in water temps during race events. The corresponding improvements in air flow will, hopefully, allow the Koyorad to do the work that it is designed for and certainly capable of doing. The HeatShield Products will give the engine bay a great look but will also keep a ton of heat out of the engine bay.
Next it is time to get the car tuned, go over the braking system, and get the car out to a track. The intent is to run several Time Attack events with CACC here on the Canadian West Coast – including the Knox Mountain Hill Climb which took place on May 19 and 20, 2018.



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