Controlling the Heat: Koyorad Radiator
With the old aluminum rad out, the Koyorad easily slipped into place.
Every tab is in the exact place that is required. The fan mounting brackets are drilled and tapped for the metric bolts required. Fortunately for me, I had a stash that I could use. The last rad wasn’t tapped and I had to use a self-threading screw/bolt.
The Koyorad’s gleaming appearance causes the NX GTi-R to appear even more worn than I thought. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, I consider that simply to mean that this NX is well loved.
You may recall me saying that I had a bung welded onto the old aluminum rad in order to insert a water temperature sensor. Obviously, that wasn’t happening here. I was chatting with Alex, one of my many online car friends who only lives 3 or 4 thousand kilometres away, about my dilema when he indicated that he could make me one. As he’s a fellow SR20 enthusiast he was making himself one so I literally lucked out and it arrived in the mail not too long after our conversation.
There’s not a lot of room for this device, but there’s enough and it fits perfectly. Thanks Alex!
A little bit of high temperature thread sealant helps ensure that the coolant stays where it is supposed to be. The sensor comes up from the bottom. This piece looks awesome and saved me from touching the Koyorad

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