Controlling the Heat: Koyorad Radiator
Next to be addressed was the oil cooler. The creative (at least I think that it is) installation was forced by the lack of space available in the engine bay and the wheel wells. The advantage was that it was right above the front wheel well and just above a large opening where my former cold air intake was routed so a source of cool air. For about four years it has worked – with a motorcycle rad fan pushing air through it and out some venting cut into the hood. While we briefly discussed trying to move it, we chose instead to improve the existing location. First up was a shield that somewhat separates it from the rest of the engine bay.
Since the trial and error track hood – first cut up by some students in a high school shop class – was being retired it was time to cut the oil cooler vents into the original hood. Sigh!
Next was cutting an opening into the driver’s side lower front air dam. If you’re looking and saying that isn’t an NX 2000 air dam you are correct. Don’t forget, this car started out life as an NX 1600. Cutting this wasn’t that challenging to my psyche as there were two stress cracks in this corner that needed to be addressed. Well, now they’re gone.
Then at the AES Auto shop we fabricated an aluminum replacement piece that had a 4″ opening to suck in air. Some mesh will be going on here soon to protect the oil cooler from foreign objects. This was my first attempt at bending aluminum in multple ways. I apologize now that the bottom edge is not on the same plane as the rest of the air dam.
The duct work fits into the wheel well, pops up right underneath the oil cooler. The motorcycle rad fan has been removed. With the aluminum shield in place it should provide great cooling. And if it’s a cold day, the opening can be blocked off.

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