Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion

Dai Yoshihara's 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion

by Mike Kojima


So if you have been following along with our mini-series on what an end of season refresh on Pro Formula Drift car looks like, you have followed us from stripping the car to a bare chassis, to additional updates, and lastly, the final assembly of the car.

Now the car is together and has run its first event in Long Beach. So, you can now take a look at what the final product looks like!

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The interior is clean and simple. A Sparco Circuit seat is used with a 6-point Hans compatible harness. Dai is super picky about his steering wheel, and an R 368 wheel has the just right diameter, rim size and dish for him. 

A Wilwood Pedal box is used. Since all of the fluid lines for the dry sump system and cooling system are run on the driver's side, a double floor is used. The upper floor panel is carbon fiber for light weight.

The battery and heat exchangers, as well as the dry sump tank, have to be separated from the interior of the car by a bulkhead. We call this compartment the oven! The oven was made out of aluminum paneling, but it was redone in carbon fiber to save some weight.

Over the past few years, the car has lost about 160 lbs from when it was first built. Currently, it is only about 40 lbs overweight.


Eimer Engineering built the rear drift brake assembly and steering column. 

A Long shifter throws the super strong, fast shifting 4-speed G-Force GSR dog engagement transmission.


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