Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion


Overall the interior of the car is clean, simple and very tidy. The cars electrical functions and engine map selection is done via a Motec Membrane touch panel, which ties to the PDM15 power control module via a CANBUS. Very simple and does away with switch panels, contact switches, relays, fuses and a bunch of wiring.

A Motec CDL dash display with shift light handles driver information. 

For electronics, a Motec M880 ECU is used. A Motec PDM 15 is used to replace relays and fuses, the best way to clean up and simplify power distribution chores. A Motec ADL handles data logging.

The wire harness is built by James Lin using mil-spec grade materials by Raychem. Critical connectors are Deutsch mil-spec locking type. 


This is a Cool Suit unit that pumps cold water through Dai's driver suit to keep him comfortable on hot days. It also cools the filtered air being sent to his helmet. The brain works best when it is kept at reasonable temperatures.  

This carbon panel has the controls for the driver suit temperature and helmet air. Not having to deal with breathing tire smoke is a great drivers aid. 


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