Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion


A 5 pound Firebottle onboard fire suppression system is found behind the passenger seat. It has discharge nozzles in the engine compartment, driver's compartment and fuel cell area. 

The car's powerplant is built by the MotoIQ Garage. It is a race engine based on LS architecture. It can produce over 1000 hp and has an exceedingly wide powerband and tons of torque. Look for an upcoming detailed article about the engine's internals. 

The header dimension calculations were done by yours truly and the headers fabricated using Burns Stainless merged collectors and tubing by Chris Eimer.

Although the engine compartment looks cramped, the LS style powerplant fits with ease in between the BRZ chassis wide frame rails. The engine weighs in at 440 lbs and helps the car maintain  51/49% weight distribution. 

A single Garrett GTX50R Gen II turbo provides the boost pressure for the engine. The turbo sits as low and far back as possible, as it is very heavy. 

It is scavenged by a single stage of the Dailey Engineering dry sump system, so the low position is not a problem with lubrication or smoking. The location of the turbo allows for really short and direct charge pipes for great throttle response and minimal lag.  

A huge K&N filter clamped directly on the turbo inlet keeps dirt out of the system. 


A Belltech bar and plate intercooler with top and bottom mounted tanks keep the intake charge cool.  You can see how the charge pipes are super short and simple with this arrangement.  

The black Setrab cooler to the left of the intercooler is for the power steering system. It has dual electric fans to help keep the power steering system from overheating. The power steering has been equipped with an external, adjustable pressure regulator by Chris Eimer in an effort to improve system reliability.

The external regulator prevents the fluid from being recirculated inside the pump overheating, now the fluid must travel through a higher volume loop which keeps temperatures a lot lower. The team hopes that this will eliminate the power steering issues which have troubled the car in the past. 


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