Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion


Boost is regulated by twin Turbosmart 50mm Pro-Gates. The wastegates were relocated forward so they could get cooler air to help with reliability. The wastegates discharge through titanium pipes through the hood.

Twin Turbosmart Race Port BOV's keep the turbo spooled and the compressor out of surge when the throttle is closed. Many drift cars opt to not run BOV's or use driver by wire throttle control to do the same thing. 

The car uses BOV's due to its cable-controlled throttle and because the big single turbo has a lot of inertia. We didn't want it to slow down and have to wind up again if the throttle is modulated. The BOV's are loud; they can often be heard over the engine's exhaust. 


The exhaust system is made from 304 stainless from Burns Stainless. It is a huge 5″ in diameter, or the same diameter as the discharge from the Garrett GTX50R turbo's exhaust housing.  

Packaging the huge in diameter 5″ exhaust under the car is a difficult task. With proper packaging of the turbo system, the exhaust was able to be very simple, straight and direct. 

The car had a history of occasionally frying ignition coils. The coils were mounted in the traditional LS position on the top of the valve cover. After heat shielding from the headers only helped a little, the coils were moved to the fender aprons, far away from engine heat. This also allowed for better routing of the plug wires away from heat. 


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