Dai Yoshihara’s 2018 Formula Drift Rebuild Conclusion


The headlights were updated to late model BRZ with LED running lights. 

The tail lights were also updated to late model BRZ LED type. 

The brake system was updated to a drift specific system designed by Stoptech. The system has rotors with higher thermal capacity and calipers with more pad volume, along with a slight gain in proportioning to the front wheel.

The completed car is very visually striking. With the slight suspension geometry changes, the car can be run at a lower ride height, which makes the car look wider and meaner. 

The back of the car looks particularly aggressive. 

With the car's debut in Formula Drift's opening round in Long Beach, the car ran well, which resulted in a 10th place finish. The season is looking to be very promising. 

With the updates complete, the car handles better, hooks up better and is lighter. It has gone from being woefully overweight to a safe 40 lbs heavier than the tire/weight classification that it resides in. 

The car is simpler, more reliable and easier to work on with a lot of attention paid to plumbing, wiring, accessibility of components and managing heat. The 2018 season is off to a start, and with the revised car, things look pretty promising even with very stiff competition. 

Stay tuned- we will cover how we built the 1000 plus hp powerplant with bulletproof reliability that powers Dai's car very soon!

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