Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


Represeting Canada to the fullest, Chris Boersma of Boersma Racing is putting the hopes and dreams of an entire country on his shoulders!
With 400whp, full aero package and 5 years experience. There is a lot of excitement surrounding Boersma as he makes his Buttonwillow debut.

Suen’s competition comes in the form of Chris Boersma of Boersma Racing. Interestingly enough Boersma hails from Ontario as well, but the province, not the Southern Californian city. You don’t come all the way from Toronto unless you’re on a mission and Boersma tells me that the team is bringing out all the tricks to beat the competition. They are testing a new tire setup with the hope of containing 400whp and putting it to the ground. New aero will also be on display to help with the high speed corners at Buttonwillow. Boersma holds two Super Streed FWD track records from the great north. One at Toronto Motorsports Park (1:18.750) and the other at Grand Bend Motorplex (56.203).

Sponsored by Swift Springs, Sector Global, Rim and Tire Zone and tuned by Looney Tuning, the Massimo Power MP/S-1 Evo will see if it can upstage its sister car that won at Buttonwillow last year.

Street AWD is shaping up to be scary good this year. Current overall Street Class track record holder Massimo Power is back to better their time (1:54.725) set at last year’s finale. Massimo Power brings a wealth of experience, with 7 years attacking time, and words of caution for competitors. Last year’s record setting time was set on their number 2 car, this year their number 1 car is back in action. Straight from the team “Is anyone at 1:54.7 on street tires? No? So first you’ll have to catch us. Then you’ll have to realize we will be even faster.” I do love me some outright confidence!

Mark Jager plans on adding to his current records list in the Jager Racing/Yimi Sport Tuning STI with the help of Vaughn Performance, Whiteline, Full-Race, Eastside Muffler, Wasp Composites, APR, QStarz, Girodisc, Swift Springs and Kasitz Workz Suspension.

Relative newcomer, Mark Jager, will be challenging Massimo Power in the Jager Racing/Yimi Sport Tuning 2006 Subaru STI. Jager, from Rosamond, CA, has been competing in Time Attack for 1 year and has already secured the overall street tire track records at Willow Springs International Raceway (1:27.384) and at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (1:59.781). When asked for comment Jager modestly states “I will do my best to drive as fast as I can” and “I think the biggest surprise is going to be the depth of competition… this year might be a lot closer.” Behind those modest words are truly fast times that competitors should not underestimate!

John Carson teamed up with good companies to support the time attack additiction! Help comes from Robispec on the chassis, KT Motoring on the engine, maintenance and tuning, Fuel Injector Clinic with High Z 1150cc injectors and Extreme Turbo System with their 3.5″ bar and plate intercooler and lower intercooler pipe.
Carson learned at an early age from Vin Diesel, the keys to success revolve around wife-beaters.

“I’ll give you a run for your money with my real deal street car!” proudly boasts John Carson of Southern CA. Time attacking for 2.5 years, his times at Buttonwillow (1:58.20), Willow Springs (1:30.70), Chuckwalla (2:00.01) and the Streets of Willow CCW (1:23.39) backup that claim. Relying on simple refinements and improving on a few key, undisclosed areas of his car, Carson is poised to surprise the competition by relying on skill and finesse versus brute power and heavy modifications.



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