Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


If looks could kill I wouldn’t be writing this article right now! Platte Form A.G. has turned their E46 into the most perfect combination of speed and sex.

RWD Limited Buttonwillow Record (1:50.755) holder Platte Form A.G. is back with a new livery and a new turbo for 2013. From Temple City, CA and with their tried and true 2001 BMW M3, Platte Form A.G. has their sights on not only a sub 1:50 time, but the overall Limited time of 1:48.550. One of the big questions will be their driver. Announced this year as “To be decided” last year’s driver was none other than Tarzan Yamada. Will he be back? No clue, but time attack fans have their fingers crossed to see the driving legend.

Not to be outdone, Evasive Motorsports brings their mindblowing Scion FR-S with swan neck aero straight from Le Mans! For insider information on the Evasive Motorsports, check our Nerd’s Eye View on the FR-S.

Next we have Robert Walker in the stunning, Evasive Motorsports 2013 Scion FR-S. From Santa Fe Srings, CA Evasive Motorsports has been in the Time Attack game since 2007 holding numerous records in many different classes with many different cars. Combining stunning craftsmanship with race winning technology, Walker plans on piloting this supercharged beast to the top of the podium. Walker’s words from the competition were simply “Good luck!” Short and sweet, but I always liked the idea of walking softly and carrying a big stick myself.

The SOHO Motorsports/Turbo by Garrett/Hankook Tire Infiniti G35 with Kevin Parlett at the helm will be at Buttonwillow for the first time. Lookout as Parlett has made open, physical threats at many competitors as well a few spectators for good measure!
Here’s the dangerous man himself, Kevin Parlett. He has crazy eyes, don’t you agree?

Kevin Parlett is making the trek from Charlotte, NC to compete at Buttonwillow for the first time. Driving the SOHO Motorsports/Turbo by Garrett/Hankook Tire Time Attack Infiniti G35, Parlett’s main goals are kicking Doug Wind square in the face and PIT maneuvering him on track. Parlett understands that Wind isn’t technically in his class and that this is a non-contact sport, but there is no holding him back when his mind is set on a task. For this event, the car has a bit more power and some new aero components and there is a lot of anticipation on how this East Coast machine stacks up against the proven West Coast rides. Expect a Notorious BIG vs Tupac showdown, but hopefully with less gun violence.


Tom Tang driving “Irene,” the BlackTrax Performance/CT Engineering/Tuner Playground/Hankook Tire Honda S2000. No mercy for the competition and none given in return!

When asked for words for the competition, Tom Tang, of San Francisco, CA, won the award for Best Quote You Never Say in a Prison with the following, “Be gentle with me. It’s my first time!” Tang was quick to point out his beautiful BlackTrax Performance/CT Engineering/Tuner Playground/Hankook Tire Honda S2000, affectionately known as “Irene,” has only 215 whp and 155 ft/lbs of torque and that he’s only been time attacking for 1 year. No matter, the competition will not go easy on him, even with words like, “Hopefully I remember which direction to go once I’m out on track.” With no official records, but numerous personal bests, I look forward to seeing Tang destroying the competition and topping it all off with his best Steven Q. Urkel impression, “Did I do that?”

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