Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


Limited Class

The Limited class (also known as Modified class) cars of today put the Unlimited class cars of yesteryear to shame. Speeds have become outrageously fast, pushing the limits of 80 treadwear tires further than ever thought possible. It’s not unusual to see car with 700whp, blowing the welds on intakes left and right. Pesky Ferraris and Lamborghinis can’t hold a candle to these speeds. In fact, according to, a Viper SRT-10 ARC rolls around Buttonwillow with a lap time of 1:55.70. The lap record for a Limited FWD car is almost a full second quicker at 1:54.78. Better luck next time Dodge, come back when you actually build a fast car.

Stunning looks and stunning speed go hand in with the Sportcar Motion Integra Type R. This may be the last race of this Type R’s long and illustrious career so be cautious of weeping fan boyz on your morning commute the day after the Finals!
We’re not certain who had the name “The Doctor” first, Dr. Tim Kuo or Valentino Rossi, but my money is on Kuo!

The owner of the Limited FWD record is none other than Dr. Tim Kuo of Sportcar Motion fame.  Hailing from San Marcos, CA and driving a beautiful Acura Integra Type R, Kuo has been doing what he does best, breaking track records, since 2006. In addition to the monster time at Buttonwillow, Kuo is the fastest Limited FWD driver at Willow Springs (1:29.693), Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (2:34.114), Auto Club Speedway (1:51.635) and Firebird International (1:08.419). Sadly, word on the street is that this may be the last race with the Integra. Kuo has actually moved to Michigan and Sportcar Motion is diverting energy to new projects in the future. When asked, if they were concerned about the competition taking the records they currently own, Sportcar motion merely responded “What competition?”

One of the most complete packages, the Modern Performance Dodge SRT4, along with driver Doug Wind, looks to add a first place Buttonwillow plaque to a record case so full that it makes Michael Schumacher envious.

Funny thing is Doug Wind, of Greenville, SC, couldn’t make it to compete last year. A pesky trip to the hospital where he was being upgraded with the latest mods kept him away. This year Wind and his 2004 Dodge SRT4, which owns more records than a Virgin Music superstore, is more than ready and hints that he may bust out 295 width Ventus TD’s and a flat bottom if he feels the need to severely embarrass the competition. Or maybe he won’t and keep the car Street class legal too. That way he can brag about having the Limited record, while being Street class eligible. Who knows with this crazy guy who loves long walks on the beach and piña coladas? Now bear with me, he holds the following FWD records in Street Class: New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning (1:12.210 *Faster than Limited Record*), Palm Beach International Raceway (1:30.558), Texas Motor Speedway (40.579), Englishtown Raceway New Jersey (1:16.206), Nashville Speedway (1:10.570), Carolina Motorsports Park (1:48.262 *Faster than Limited Record*), VIR-Patriot (53.106) and Auto Club Speedway (1:52.555). He also has the Limited FWD record at Road Atlanta (1:34.276) and Sebring International Raceway (2:24.483). PHEW! We asked Wind’s words for the competition, he simply stated “There is competition?” I think I see a battle shaping up right in front of our eyes.


Canadian time attack record holder, James Houghton of Team R-Division, is bringing the heat with a boosted and well sorted Integra Type R.
Houghton sleeps with a Rotrex under his pillow. The traction fluid drive settles him down before bedtime.

Surely, no one would dare jump into this heated battle between two of the most highly decorated Time Attack teams, right? Wrong. We’ve got a Canadian crazy enough to think that he can not only compete, but also that he can win. James Houghton, with Team R-Division of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has an Integra Type R and has been  up north setting records since 2009, eh. Listen to this list of records and be amazed. CSCS Street FWD record at Toronto Motorsports Park, CSCS Street FWD record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT track Clockwise 2 kinks, CSCS Unlimited FWD record at Toronto Motorsports Park, CSCS Unlimited FWD record at Grand Bend Raceway, CSCS Unlimited FWD record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT track Counter clockwise 1 kink, Sigma Time Attack overall record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT Counter clockwise 2 kinks, Ontario Time Attack GT1 record at Shannonville Motorsports Park full track, Ontario Time Attack SGT3 record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT Counter clockwise no kink, Import Expo Time Attack Street FWD record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT Counter clockwise 2 kinks and Import Expo Time Attack Unlimited FWD record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT Counter clockwise 2 kinks. What surprises does Team R-Division have in store for Buttonwillow? Nothing major, just working on making the car more reliable and safe. I hope the safety doesn’t come with a speed sacrifice though. Remember, wounds heal and glory is forever.

JDMSpeedshop looks to live up to their name with their boosted 1992 Honda Civic EG6 driven by Craig Utter.

The final car we’re previewing for Limited FWD is also the current Redline Time Attack Modified FWD class points leader, Craig Utter, in the JDMSpeedshop 1992 Honda Civic EG6. Racing this car since 1997 and competing in time attack since 2007, Utter is poised to put on a good show in this boosted EG. From Lancaster, CA, Utter has been dialling in the car and balling on a budget of hand-me-down tires this season in order to save cash for the big finale. Look out for Limited FWD this year. Everything is boosted, everyone is experienced and everyone is bringing their A-game for the competition.

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