Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


CounterSpace Garage says that dirt and dead bugs add character. Chicks dig character. Damned Straight!

Last year Evasive Motorsports set a blistering record time (1:53.990) for Street RWD in their S2000… then they sold that car. This leaves the door wide open and Ryan Houck of Los Angeles, CA who plans on driving the CounterSpace Garage S2000 right in for the victory. With 1 year of Time Attacking in the bag, Houck is the first to go sub 2 minutes at Buttonwillow with OEM aero and street tires. This S2000 may be low on ultimate horsepower numbers with even less torque, but there is no doubt with proper balance, setup and little care for self-preservation, Houck has the ability to put this car squarely on the podium.

One thing I personally think we need more of is American muscle in time attack and Nier Racing Group delivers with their 2013 Mustang GT. Supported by Hillbank Motorsports and Whiteline, Nier brings enough V8 to make Tim “The Toolman” Taylor proud.
“I once had a nightmare a 4 cylinder was under the hood. I couldn’t sleep for days fearing the dream would come true!”

Another relative newcomer to the Time Attack world is Andrew Nier of Los Angeles, CA. Running the Nier Racing Group 2013 Ford Mustang GT, Nier is quite possibly, the only true American competing at Buttonwillow. Word is Ford gave him a pet Bald Eagle and a lock of Chuck Norris’s hair when he signed the paperwork on the car. Neir Racing Group does not own any Time Attack records as of yet, but has chosen a great package, with a lot of potential, to get the job done. Fighting the negatives that come with Mustangs, Nier has removed an additional 50lbs of weight from the Mustang as well as completed a few minor brake upgrades. Motivation for Nier comes from stiff competition and feels that by fighting quality competitors, it helps improve himself and the car. I’m looking forward to seeing a big burnout and a mullet or two when the event wraps up. AMERICUH!


Nine Lives Racing and their AP1 S2000 is making the trip all the way from Chicago to compete at Buttonwillow for the first time. Driver Devin “Stiglitz” Giles called out the competition before leaving. We’ll see if that’s a wise move!

Giles runs and occasionally plays for DA BEARS depending on how badly their secondary is beaten up.

Perhaps my favorite quote of all the drivers comes from Devin “Stiglitz” Giles. Giles is headed to Buttonwillow all the way from the Suburbs of Chicago, IL and says, “1800 miles is a long way to travel, so you better make it worth my time.” Strong words and just begging for competitors to bring their A games. Giles drives the Nine Lives Racing Honda S2000 and is confident he will surprise any forced induction S2000s by being just as fast with a naturally aspirated engine package. Giles has the right car for the job and the confidence to boot, time will tell if he can pull off a W for the Land of Lincoln.

Will Wattanawongkiri might literally be the biggest name in racing! The Wattanawongkiri Racing Nissan 240SX has proven very fast earlier this year at Willow Springs. The team hopes it translates to Buttonwillow as well!

Will Wattanawongkiri of Hacienda Heights, CA caught me off guard by sending team info over with an Ayrton Senna quote. “I admire work, dedication and competence.” Simple words that describe the Will Wattanawongkiri Racing team and their 1990 Nissan 240SX. In Wattanawongkiri’s first year of Time Attack he has secured the Willow Springs Street RWD track record (1:28.697), no small feat as it was previously owned by Mike Bonnani in the uber fast Berk Technology 135i. Not content with one record to the team’s name, the 240SX has received upgraded aero just in time to see just what will happen when the car hits the track.

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