Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


Privateer Matt Dennison’s freshly rebuilt Mitsubishi Evo is supported by Road Race Engineering, Turbo by Garrett, RobiSpec, ACT Clutch, Full Race Motorsports, PTP Turbo Blankets, Zeitronix, Professional Awesome Racing, KW Suspension, Midnight Squad, Jacks Transmissions, GoPro, Spy Optic, S-Empire and Jesus, that last sponsor probably isn’t fair for the competition.
See what I mean about handsome?!

Southern Californian fire fighter, Matt Dennison, has had a long list of words describe him over the years. Courageous, brave, fast and handsome all come to mind, but the words, Buttonwillow Track Record holder have eluded him thus far. 2013 is the year Dennison plans to change that for good. An entirely new setup will be used at Buttonwillow consisting of a Jacks Transmission engine fed by a Garrett GTX3076, tuned by Road Race Engineering, along with new aero and RobiSpec suspension bits. Words for the competition? “Pack a lunch. It’s going to be a long day!”


Todd Earsley’s gorgeously constructed My Shop Assist Evo VIII waiting patiently in Texas to be taken to battle to crush the competition.

Technology and racing go hand-in-hand, but documenting an entire build online to assist shop owners by keeping a project organized while also communicating to customers to ensure everything is on plan, that’s crazy talk. Todd Earsley and the My Shop Assist Mitsubishi Evo VIII actually make that happen. You can go to My Shop Assist’s Customer Login, enter in the Last Name: OPTIMA and the Phone Number: 469-718-9731 and bam! All the information on the build along with pictures is at your finger tips. Now will this help Earsley, a rookie Time Attacker from Texas with no lap records to his name? Time will tell, but it is sure shaping up to be an incredible build!

Wilson doing what he does best, distracting the competition with his charm and wit.

Taylor Wilson, vice president of Snail Performance, Time Attack regular and owner of one of the best looking 2009 WRXs in existence, is making the drive to Buttonwillow from Arizona to beat up on the competition. Wilson says he’s on a “rent to own plan” to becoming a lap record owner with his monthly payments being modifications to his Subaru. We aren’t sure how many payments he has left, but word on the street is, Mike Warfield, owner of GST Motorsports, will be piloting the car in order to appease his creditors. Not sure if that’s true or just a smokescreen to confuse his competitors. Either way, I wasn’t going to ask more questions because he ended our interview with the words “Come at me bro!”

Good news and bad news. Good news is Octane Academy winner, Thomas Smith will be competing at the Finals in Street Tire class with his Carbonetic, Whiteline, GT Spec, Zenkai Motorsports and Subaru of Las Vegas supported STI! Bad news, Zenkai Motorsport’s insane STI won’t be in Limited class this year. Here’s hoping we see it make the rounds next year!
Thomas Smith readies his smile for the podium finish he expects to achieve!

Resident back-flipper extraordinaire, Octane Academy winner and my brother from another mother Thomas Smith is gracing this competition with his presence. Driving his personal 2005 Subaru STI he claims he’s here “Just to have fun.” He owns the overall Street Class Track Record at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (2:29.816) and he ran a (1:26.8) at Willow Springs with Subiefest 2011 in Street Class trim, faster than the current overall record (1:27.384), but not an officially recognized Time Attack event for the record books. Unfortunately, that was in the Zenkai Motorsports STI, which wasn’t able to make it in time for the GTA Finale. His STI is no slouch though and he may act coy, but he is capable of devastating times. Competition, you’ve been warned!






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