Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale Preview


JC Meynet, driver of the AQ Motorsports/OMG Racing STI, is no stranger to off roading with his motorcross background. Meynet is looking to improve upon his lap record and waits patiently for a worthy adversary, not unlike Jean Girard waited for Ricky Bobby. Learn more about the “Time Bandit” on MotoIQ.
JC Meynet, aka “Black Mamba,” on the prowl for his next victim.

With amazingly stacked Limited FWD and RWD car classes, one might think, can it possibly get better than this? Well it does, 6 teams in Limited AWD, each experienced, each capable of the win and each chomping at the bit to get on track. We’ll start off with the reigning Buttonwillow top dog (1:48.550), JC Meynet and the AQ Motorsports/OMG Racing 2006 STI. Meynet, also known as the “Black Mamba,” has been time attacking since the beginning of time and has the grey hair to prove it. From Santa Ynez, CA, the Black Mamba holds “ALL Modified/Limited records at ALL traditional, Western Time Attack tracks” with a few older Street class records thrown in as well. To name a few, Firebird International (1:04.279), Auto Club Speedway (1:45.462 *AQ Motorsports S2000*), Willow Springs (1:23.141), Spring Mountain 3.5 mile configuration (3:05 *Limited * and 3:09.01 *Street*), Las Vegas Motor Speedway Full with pass through (1:43.030), Las Vegas Motor Speedway Full (1:52.527) and Laguna Seca Raceway (1:40.367 *Street Overall*). I’m probably missing some, but some of his times are so old they pre-date Al Gore’s creation of the Internet. We asked him for words for the competition and he began to rant dramatically. Here is an excerpt “I don’t care how popular, famous or how many followers and likes you have on social networks, you had better blast at least half of our records and hold them for several years before you start talking any smack!” Also, “I like turtles.” Good luck Limited class competitors, with his dementia setting in, who knows what will happen.

While the rest of us were off wasting life the last few years, Ryan Gates of 311RS, was busy building his own ultimate, limited production street/track Evo X. Before Gates became a custom car producer, we got a sneak peak at his Evo X when it last tore up the time attack circuit.
Gates tells us there is one production slot left for the 311RS and that he will personally clean the wheels for the life of the vehicle if you buy. Honestly, I may have made up that last part.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you’d better be sitting down for this, Ryan Gates is back! One of the true innovators in time attack has brought the 311RS Time Attack Evo X out of hibernation from Minneapolis, MN. Gates’s questionably legal co-driver Mumphrey the horse is back as well with a fresh shower and a goal of picking up at least a filly or two. Holding 13 track records at one point, but not having driven competitively in a few years, Gates still holds the Englishtown Raceway (1:09.156), Carolina Motorsports (1:38.127) and Nashville Speedway (1:04.460) overall Limited class records. One has to wonder if he can find the speed that intimidated competitors at every event he went to and no doubt, after a few familiarization laps, it’ll be there for all to see.

Looking at the wicked Evasive Motorsports Evo IX brings back fond memories of the Cyber Evo. Driver Michael Chang looks to bring the Limited record back to Mitsubishi where it belongs!

Also back from an unofficial retirement is the Evasive Motorsports Evo IX! Current Enthusiast FWD record holder, Michael Chang, will be driving a car that always frustrated the competition when it hit the track. Stunning to look at with its Voltex aero, little is known about what, if any, changes have been made before the finale, but I would never underestimate the Evasive crew.


Ryan Novak has built one of the most gorgeous and jaw dropping GCs ever. BUT, the Novak Racing/JRZ North America WRX is down on power according to its builder. We’re not sure if it is a sneaky tactic to lull the competition into a false sense of security or the truth. If you know Novak, you know he cannot be trusted.

Novak Racing/JRZ North America is bringing out their ultra clean 1999 WRX RS with driver Clint Boisdeau at the helm. Ryan Novak is the mad scientist that is responsible for this feat of engineering prowess and has had success with numerous builds. There are concerns this year though. Word is, the car is about 100 horsepower down compared to what it was originally tested with. This puts it in the neighborhood of 400 whp or so and a lot of emphasis will be focused on dialing in the suspension to take down JC Meynet’s time. Although the promise is to be back again if it isn’t beaten this year. Regardless, Novak’s words for the competition are as follows, “If we beat you, I’m getting drunk. If we lose, I’m getting drunk. Either way, I WIN!” Well said good sir, well said.

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