Hondata’s Land Speed Record Honda CRX


The twin chute releases are located on the side of the seat within easy reach of the driver. It is imperative that the driver be able to release the chutes immediately, as they are a major control saving safety device that might need to be released in an instant. 

We are big advocates of having tidy, well laid out wiring, and the Hondata car seems to be a bit of a mess. However, when we were visiting, they were in the process of working on the cars wiring so we don't think this is the normal state of affairs. 

The car's engine management is of course handled by Hondata's K-Pro reprogrammable modified factory ECU. The K-Pro is programmable using a user configurable windows interface and also has full data logging capabilities. Unlike other OEM programming suits, the K-Pro has real-time editing and sensor display with table tracing to make tuning a snap. 

One of the most critical items in the car's electronic controls is the Hondata Traction Control. The traction control system is imperative for the car's controllability, maximizing acceleration with big power and narrow, hard tires on a slippery surface. 

The Hondata Traction Control system has on the fly adjustable target wheel slip and live data, monitoring in addition to 20 seconds of high-resolution data logging to aid setup and diagnoses. We wish we had such a system for our own LSR attempts!


A Sparco flat bottomed steering wheel sits on the stock steering column. The note on blue tape gives the driver an idea how fast he is going in 6th at 8500 rpm. We were surprised that a GPS speedometer isn't being used. 

The steering column has been modified for a quick release hub which is important as it is a tight fit for the driver with the fixed near containment seat arrangement. 

The stock JDM CRX dash uses a panel with Autometer gauges with the exception of a Zetronixs air-fuel ratio gauge and a Stack memory tachometer. 

With Aaron Hale piloting the car, it has hit a two-way average of 238 MPH setting the Blown/Fuel Comp Coupe H Class record on the Bonneville salt flats. When setting the record, the car hit a top speed of 245 mph. That is moving! During this record run, the car was only using about 600 of its 1040 HP.

The car has hit a 227.4 MPH two-way average with a traction limited 233 MPH peak speed at El Mirage dry lake. 

In the future, the Hondata team will work on additional refinements to the car in order to better use the power that they currently can't hook up. Knowing the guys at Hondata, the development will probably accelerate in the unlikely event that someone breaks their record!  It would be neat to see a Honda CRX hit 250 mph on the salt!


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