Hondata’s Land Speed Record Honda CRX


Two AEM water injection systems are used- not to inject a water methanol mixture into the engine to suppress detonation, but to take ice water from the intercooler reservoir. This water can then be used to help cool the radiator and to spray on the outside of the turbo exhaust system to suppress heat and to greatly reduce the possibility of fire in the engine compartment! 

Here is the nozzle from the AEM water injection system that continually sprays a mist of ice water on the exhaust system. The system was installed after several engine compartment fires even with all the extensive heat shielding. 

The Hondata CRX has pretty straightforward suspension to handle the over 200 mph speeds.

The suspension links are stock with spherical bearings, replacing soft rubber, to hold the wheels true at speed. Spherical bearing equipped tension rods are used to help prevent wheel hop when the 1000 HP is put down on the slippery dirt or salt surface. 


The Hondata CRX rides on off the shelf KW Clubsport coilovers. The Clubsports have double adjustable damping with independent adjustment of both the compression and rebound damping. 

Since land speed cars run in very corrosive environments like the salt flats and on alkali silt filled dry lake beds, the KW's corrosion resistant features- like stainless steel bodies and plastic covered spring seats- will resist failure.  

Having double damping adjustment is very helpful for controlling the attitude of the car at high speed. This is very critical in maintaining the car's aerodynamic profile. Small changes in ride height and rake can make a huge difference in downforce, traction, and stability. The KW's facilitate this. 


The anti-sway bars are stock CRX. The car is aligned with zero camber with a slight amount of toe-in for stability. 


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