Hondata’s Land Speed Record Honda CRX


The air intake for the engine was placed in a high-pressure zone in the nose section that was determined by wind tunnel testing. It provides a significant amount of ram air pressurization at speed. 

The pressurized air from the turbo's compressor is fed through the driver's compartment to this huge Spearco water to air intercooler located behind the driver.  

For land speed racing, instantaneous throttle response isn't that critical, so super short charge pipes were deemed superfluous and the intercooler was placed more for where there was room for it. This way, intercooler sizing was not compromised for packaging constraints. 


The intercooler is fed ice water from this large reservoir that is normally filled with 80 lbs of ice with just enough water to keep things flowing through the intercooler.  

Before each run, the ice reservoir pre-cools the intercooler to 21 degrees C. The intercooler and ice tank can keep the intake charge to 65 to 70 degrees F for most of a run, in which the entire volume of ice and water is rendered to lukewarm water.

The water reservoir also serves as ballast to help keep the center of gravity in front of the aerodynamic center of pressure to aid in keeping the car stable at high speed. 


The intake manifold is a stock RSP European CTR part. The RSP manifold is known as a low-cost OEM intake manifold that works really well on the K20 engine and is what we have also used before when building K-series engines.

The manifold is fitted with large, low impedance top feed DeatschWerks 1300cc injectors that feed the engine the spec ERC A8D 118 octane fuel. Matching of big injectors on extremely high powered engines is critical, and the DeatschWerks injectors are dynamic flow matched with each other at low, transitional, linear and static open flow points.  

Other injectors, if they are matched, are usually just statically flowed at 100% duty cycle, but DeatschWerks goes one step beyond to do this much more involved dynamic matching method. This assures accurate fuel delivery that's critical for an engine running at the edge for long periods of time like this K20.

The injectors also come with characterization summary that plots the injectors flow characteristics over their entire operating range, which aids in accurate tuning, critical with big power engines such as this one.


The RSP intake manifold has a larger plenum and shorter, bigger in diameter runners than our domestic K20 intake manifold. Another cool feature of the RSP intake manifold is the velocity stacks inside the plenum. We really like the RSP manifold. 



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