Hondata’s Land Speed Record Honda CRX


The rear suspension is stock with the exception of spherical bearings taking the place of some of the bushings and KW Clubsport coilovers. 

Due to having to only stop on low friction dirt and salt surfaces with skinny LSR tires, the brakes are completely stock. In fact, the brake booster is removed to avoid locking the wheels at speed! 

Special Land Speed Record tires are made by Goodyear in a few sizes once a year. They are skinny, multi-plied and run at high pressures. Surprisingly, the best wheels are space saver spares. 

The Hondata team has reworked the welds on the space saver wheels for more strength and drilled them for fatter 1/2″ wheel studs required by the rules. After that, tabs are added for dzus fasteners that hold aerodynamic moon discs to the wheels. 

The hubs on the car have been converted to 5-lug via ITR parts for additional strength.


The Competition Coupe Class allows aerodynamic modifications, and the most noticeable one on the Hondata CRX is the nose section. The nose is responsible for a lot of the car's speed.

Construction of the nose was commissioned to Darco, a racing boat constructor in Huntington Beach. The shape was derived from wind tunnel testing for low drag and maximal downforce. With the nose, the CRX has 500-600 lbs of front downforce and a drag coefficient of 0.20.

The two small openings on the bottom of the nose section are the air inlets for the radiator, one of which is taped up now. The inlet placing was determined via wind tunnel testing and the openings, although small, are more than sufficient to keep the over 1000 HP engine cool at speed. 


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