K-Tuned Integra Type R Update: The Road to Super Lap Battle


Boersma Racing built a carbon fibre roof for the Integra Type R. When finished, Chris built a carbon fibre roof for his own Civic.
Along with removing the rear view mirrors, the rear hatch and glass were removed and replaced with a fibreglass unit that was windowless. It was reinforced with carbon fibre. James was looking for as much weight reduction as possible. A camera and monitor provide the rear view.

In our last article, we mentioned that the roof was coming off and that a Boersma Racing (aka Chris Boersma) carbon fibre prototype roof was going on in it's place. Eric from Lavigne Motorsports was diligent in removing material from sections of the car where it was not required. As the car is caged, the B-pillar was lightened. Eric cut away at the chassis. Anything that was not necessary for the car was removed – with the end result being a car that in track ready form weighs 2160 pounds (without the driver). Even the mirrors and rear window were removed. A rear mounted camera and monitor provides a view to the rear and the rear hatch was replaced with another fibreglass unit that was reinforced with carbon fibre by Chris Boersma.


Eric from Lavigne Motorsports captured in what is his natural element. Eric and James have known each other for years – Eric has worked on this Integra since James purchased it and ran it as a street car in street class.
Looking in from the front of the car, you can see a flat patch that replaces a component that intruded into the wheel well. There was a fair bit of hammering necessary to facilitate the clearance that Eric at Lavigne Motorsports wanted for the car.
One of the off-season tasks was cleaning up the front end and engine bay. Black is an interesting choice as leaks may be found more easily on white, but this car is so well maintained that any leaks will be easily visible.

Eric also went to work on providing better tire clearance for the front end of the car. Throughout the fall of 2016, the Type R had issues with rubbing. Seeking to avoid making the move to a fully tubbed front end, Eric spent a lot of time under the car massaging, cutting, patching, and hammering at the wheel well to make the clearance necessary. And he was successful, the Pirelli P Zeros – DS compound – 285 645 18 size – now fit with no challenges with touching the wheel well.


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