K-Tuned Integra Type R Update: The Road to Super Lap Battle


The car was well sorted when it started the 2017 season, but data from the RacePak system revealed a few areas that could be improved. James, along with Eric from Lavigne Motorsports, is absolutely intent on developing this car into the best that it can be.

In early April 2017, James took the Type R to Mid-Ohio for a GridLife event. This was his first time ever at the track, and it was also the first time a time attack event was held there. There were no times or records availalble – apart from times from wheel to wheel events. The previous best FWD time James found was in the 1:29.x range. With that information in hand, with the Type R going to TMP for a brief shake down (but readers, please realize that early April in Ontario is still winter) where the temperature was just above the freezing mark and, during the shakedown, the car had not even been wrapped yet. This 'winter' test session went well, so there was no hesitation at heading down to Ohio.


With a time of 1:26.129 James was the fastest FWD car at Mid-Ohio, and second overall just behind Brian Faessler's RWD Mustang. Photo Credit: Nate @NVUS Images.

James found that the Mid-Ohio track suited himself as a driver and the car extremely well. The corners quickly became a favourite, as he found them to be high speed yet with a lower risk factor as there was extensive run-off room. If you have observed James at a track – any track – you will have observed that risk factors do not play a significant role in his lap times. In fact, they do not seem to play any role at all as he pushes himself and his car to limits that most drivers would not dare broach. James and his wife, Kaitlyn, are expecting a little one this fall. While it will obviously affect his race schedule, as he plans to be with Kaitlyn for their child's birth, only time will tell if the responsibility of fatherhood will cause him to view risk factors with a different perspective.


After years of working with a suction mounted window lap timer, James has moved ahead light years with the addition of a RacePak dash. Along with the support of Canadian RacePak dealer HeadsUpRacer.com, James has found this to be an upgrade that he wishes he had done earlier!
The RacePak IQ3 Datalogger dash with the Hondata ERI moducle shares ECU data. V-NET modules provide oil pressure and water pressure data.
This is the stack of V-Net modules for the RacePak dash. The V-NET modules come programmed for the sensor attached to them. For example, the one on the end for water pressure helped find a head gasket leak. These modules allow you to install new sensors and read the network to add it to the system. No programming involved.

An incredibly beneficial upgrade that proved its value at Mid-Ohio was the addition of a RacePak dash. This RacePak IQ3 Datalogger Dash is connected to the Hondata K-Pro via a Hondata EFI module and, using James' very technical terminology, it sees a lot of stuff! Oil pressure and water pressure are seen by V-Net modules. In spite of the cool weather in Ohio, the RacePak showed that the intake temperatures were higher than expected. James worked closely with RacePak dealer and avid racer Ian Rae of HeadsUpRacer.com to interpret the data and build upon the times that were attained. Those high intake temperatures did not hamper the Type R at all as James claimed the Unlimited FWD victory and FWD track record with a time of 1:26.129. Will Au-Yeung was second, racing in his PZ Tuning Acura RSX which had just been pulled out of storage for this event. James was faster than the Unlimited AWD time and just fraction over a second back of Brian Faessler's 1:24.942 Unlimited RWD victory. Brian's Mustang was the only car faster than the K-Tuned Type R at Mid-Ohio.


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