K-Tuned Integra Type R Update: The Road to Super Lap Battle


Eric from Lavigne Motorsports set up the layout required for setting up the Garrett intercooler in the Type R. Mitch from Unit 2 did all of the welding.
The RacePak data of high intake temperatures led to the Garrett intercooler upgrade to get the cooler intake air that they needed. As good as the RacePak data is, as awesome as the Garrett intercooler looks, neither can update the early 80's shag carpet in the shop office.

Back in Ontario, action was immediately taken on the RacePak data. The intercooler was obviously not doing the cooling that was needed so a new Garrett core (10x24x3) was obtained. Eric did all of the fitment and prep work on the core which went to Mitch at Unit 2 for the aluminum end tank welding. Then it was back to Eric for installation.


The car was running incredibly well at Mid-Ohio, but when the data says that there is even more speed within reach and you're chasing records, you make some alterations.
Boersma Racing has been creating splitters for James for quite a few years now. James and Chris are an amazing team. Here you're looking at the bottom side of the splitter.
The top side of the splitter – most of which you never see as it it underneath the car.

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