K-Tuned Integra Type R Update: The Road to Super Lap Battle


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park's Driver Development Track is commonly known as the small track. This 2.9 kilometre (1.8 miles) track has awesome elevation changes and superb facilities. Updated and repaved in 2014, it is a very technical track.

The next event was held by CSCS at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park's Driver Development Track. This is an awesome track which was recently expanded and repaved to make it an even better course. With great corners and some nice elevation changes, it is a course almost as familiar to James at Toronto Motorsports Park. He handily captured the overall record, not to mention the FWD record, with a time of 1:25.5 and, quite honestly, leaves us wishing for the time that James runs time attack at the amazing CTMP Grand Prix course which is known around the world as Mosport.


This track is simply beautiful in the early spring, and James set a class record of 1:27.7 that was also the fastest time of the day. Just a long baseball hit away is the CTMP Grand Prix track which is 3.957 kilometres or 2.459 miles long.

After the CSCS event, there were some minor revisions to the front splitter with only maintenance required beyond that, and then it was off to Gingerman and GridLife. There, one can only say that everything was perfect. James ran a 1:27.746 which was a class record, faster than both his AWD and RWD Unlimited competitors, and broke the track record for the fastest production based vehicle. As mentioned earlier, faster than the record breaking Dodge Viper by a considerable margin. Faster than Professional Awesomes' record breaking run of 1:29.6, as they grabbed the record from the Viper. Will Au-Yeung was competing at Gingerman, finishing the weekend in second place behind the Type R. Will was struggling with mechanical issues throughout the weekend. However, Will went back to Gingerman in July to a Honda Meet where the Vibrant Civic pulled the record from under the R's wheels by running a 1:27.534 lap.


It is quite possible that James has broken more track records at Toronto Motorsports Park than anyone else – and the records that he keeps breaking are ones that he previously set. TMP is a 14 corner, 3 kilometre (1.86 mile) long track.
James broke the track record with a blistering 1:11, however, Richard Boake in a Can-Jam Subaru set the track on fire with a 1:08 lap time!
Richard Boake and his Can-Jam built Subaru STi literally set a record that could stand for a few years to come. This past weekend, he further locked it up with a time of 1:08.335 to ensure his name stands beside the record. Andy Smedegard brought his EVO IX to TMP to challenge him for the record but, at a new track to him, was a second off Richard's pace with a 1:09.4. Richard ran Pikes Peak in 2016 and placed a very respectable 22nd overall in this car.


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