LA Auto Show 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Cars, Engines, and Electrons


As with any proper car with sporting intentions, the tachometer is right in the middle for easy viewing. The three spokes of the steering wheel are wide and hollow, which perhaps allows for stiffness while reducing weight.
The brake pedal is located way above the gas pedal. It’ll make rev matching a bit more difficult as you’ll really have to crank your heel over. But probably when the car is actually turned on, the pedal will sink a bit and make it easier to heel-toe.
Standard Porsche brake cooling air guide is featured on the lower control arm. What’s interesting are the holes in the lower front under tray. I would guess they are for allowing hot air coming off a heat exchanger to evacuate underneath the car. This Cayman did not have a heat exchanger mounted in the central front bumper, so maybe that’s a possible upgrade option.
Turbo engines are quieter than NA engines due to the turbos acting like mufflers, so the new 718 has a smaller muffler than the previous generation car. Otherwise, everything looks pretty similar underneath the rear as the previous generation when it comes to the subframe and suspension. Even the lower metal tray thing looks the same. Porsche is probably milking the same part numbers as much as they can to reduce costs.
Much of Porsche’s lineup is going hybrid such as this Cayenne.

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