LA Auto Show 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Cars, Engines, and Electrons


There is heat shielding over the manifold and turbo, heat shielding along the firewall, and heat shielding on the valve cover side where a bunch of wires run. This new turbo Skyactiv engine uses some trickery with valves between the exhaust manifold and turbine wheel to act like a variable A/R turbine housing system. You know, to maximize spool-up response and that low-end torque.
That is one complex coolant bottle with a wiring harness and A/C line running through it.
This is the new GM Duramax diesel engine. It is one of the most crammed engines I’ve ever seen. Just look at all the things stuffed on the top of the engine. Yeah, there is a turbo in there. The engine must be packaged tight in the engine bay because it looks like the exhaust manifold has an indentation in it which I’m guessing is for the steering shaft.
The big drum looking thing on the left is probably the DPF and it is attached with a V-band clamp straight to the turbine housing of the turbo. The rectangular box at the very top is the electric actuator for the variable geometry turbine. There’s some crazy routing for the EGR cooler and recirculating that back to the compressor inlet of the turbo. A few bellows joints are used to handle all the thermal expansion and contraction.

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