LA Auto Show 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Cars, Engines, and Electrons


But, it does come with a turbocharged engine, which I’m all about.
A turbo from Garrett/Honeywell provides the boost. A heat shield is wrapped tight around the turbine housing and downpipe. The turbine housing is bolted to a metal brace to help support the weight.
Mobility is changing, meaning how we own cars and get around is changing. Smart looks like they are planning to deploy a bunch of electric fortwos.
What is old is new again with Nissan/Infiniti bringing back the twin turbo 3.0L V6. Just like the glory days of the Z32 300ZX in the 90s. So yeah, it took 20 years for the comeback.
That is one crammed engine bay. Reminds me of the Z32.
The air boxes for the air filters (one for each half of the engine) are really crammed in there. There might be a computer module crammed right behind the air box. All the wiring is protected in the sheaths to protect against abrasion because everything is so crammed.

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