LA Auto Show 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Cars, Engines, and Electrons


The battery pack appears to be liquid cooled. For long term durability, Li-ion batteries like to operate in a temperature range around 20degC to 50degC, so liquid cooling and heating is used to keep the battery cells in their optimum range. Some cells are better than others in how they handle temperature.
Honda brought out this Civic SI prototype.
There’s some decent bolstering of the seats though they look a bit bulky.
The exhaust splits into two mufflers before merging back together into a central exhaust tip.
A Civic Type-R was also sitting in the Honda booth to join the hot hatch battle against the likes of the Focus RS and Golf R. Bright red Brembos handle the braking duties, though this show car has cross-drilled rotors.

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