LA Auto Show 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Cars, Engines, and Electrons


Where does this hood scoop direct air to? On the Evo X, it’s to cool everything in the back of the engine bay where the turbo sits. So it would seem the turbo sits on the back side of the engine.
The front mount intercooler is black and hard to see behind the lower grill. There’s a small cutout in the big fake grill thing on the left which I’m guessing is for an oil cooler.
I’m guessing the central rear tip is for some type of exhaust sport mode to reduce backpressure.
Kia had this plug-in hybrid on display. It has the usual hybrid weird looking wheels for reduced aero drag.
The sunroof has this pop-up deflector. Looking at the relative height of the top of the deflector, versus the rear of the sunroof opening, the deflector is probably necessary to keep air from flowing into the cabin.
It’s the Fiat Miata clone. Personally, I’m not a fan of the looks.

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